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Universal Expansion

Universal Expansion Bellows

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Universal Expansion Joints consist of two bellows elements joined together by a common spool piece so it is also called as Double Bellows Expansion Joint or Universal Bellows. An Universal Expansion Joint is generally used where more lateral movement is to be absorbed which is beyond the capacity of a single Axial Expansion Joint and when there is a limitation on the amount of lateral forces allowed by the connecting pipe system. The products are capable of absorbing axial movement, lateral deflection and angular rotation or any combination of these. The amount of lateral deflection that can be absorbed by a double bellows expansion joint is directly proportional to the length of the spool piece between the two bellows elements. The amount of axial movement and angular rotation an universal expansion joint can absorbs depends on the characteristic of the elements such as ply thickness, number of plies, number of convolutions, pitch of convolutions, depth of convolutions, material of construction of the bellows elements etc. When internally pressurized, universal bellows exerts a thrust force on the anchors adjacent equipments as a result of pressure. In this type of expansion joint force is equal to the mean effective area of the bellows times the internal pressure. As there are no tie rods in this expansion joints to absorb the pressure thrust it must be entirely absorbed by the anchors. So the anchors must be sufficiently designed to withstand the full thrust forces. Due to lack of tie rods and the nature of these joints to impose the thrust loads on the anchors, double expansion joints are mainly restricted to low or moderate operating pressure applications.

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