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Gimble Bellows

Gimbal Expansion Joints are used to absorb angular rotation in any plane, using two pairs of hinges attached to a common floating gimbal ring. This type of construction provides a close control over the movement imposed up on the bellows and also supports the dead weight of the pipe. The wind and shear loads are also taken care of by the gimbal structure. Gimbal bellows joints are designed to absorb the full pressure thrust load of the expansion joint and thus guard the adjacent equipment from damage due to thrust loading.Since gimbal bellows joints are not restricted to a single plane they offer greater flexibility of usage. The gimbal expansion joint is the most reliable expansion joint since it is capable of absorbing angular motion in all the planes. Although single gimbal bellows joint can be used in isolation the most common applications use a pair of gimbal bellows joints to absorb a complex multi-plane motion in a piping system. In adjacent figure Gimbal Expansion Joints are utilized in a pair to absorb the thermal expansion from the two horizontal piping arms. However note that the thermal growth of the vertical leg must be absorbed by the deflection of the horizontal piping.



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